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Big Bear Productions, Ltd.® is a Virginia-based concert production, sound reinforcement and recording company. Big Bear provides services primarily in the Mid Atlantic Area, but has done shows as far away as New York, Massachusetts, Memphis and Nashville, TN, and Albuquerque, NM. If you want us there, we can make it happen.

Founded in 1995, Big Bear Productions is dedicated to providing the best in sound reinforcement and recording to the performing musician, while doing it at a reasonable cost for events and promoters.

Big Bear Productions founder Scott Twiford, and the Artists working with him, have received numerous award nominations.

With a constantly growing live production rig, able to do shows with audiences from 50 to 5000 (or more) persons, stage lighting and production planning assistance, Big Bear Productions can fulfill your demanding sound reinforcment and stage production requirements at a reasonable cost.

Big Bear is also involved in producing Festivals and events directly, and can book and organize your event for you. We do all the work, while you take the credit for a star studded corporate event, house concert, concert series or festival. Simply email for details and pricing.

Big Bear has a 24 track full digital studio facility located in downtown Falls Church, Virginia, and has produced CD's featuring many local and nationally touring musicians. Let us record and produce your next CD! Big Bear can arrange for producers, session musicians, scoring and virtually any support you may require to make your project the professional sounding product you dream of having.

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