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Sound Reinforcement Services

Big Bear Productions provides a variety of systems for venues from coffeehouses to small stadiums, indoor or outdoor events. Scott Twiford ("Bear") is the primary engineer for Big Bear Productions. Big Bear's other engineers are all experienced pros, with an average of 15 years in the music business.

Sound System Packages and Rates

Basic Package: Engineer services only.

Engineer Rate: $65.00 per hour, eight hour minimum. Plus expenses for travel and lodging (if required).

Equipment Rentals:

Due to difficulties in recovering our costs for damaged and missing equipment on rentals, and our insurance company's decision not to cover pure rental equipment.. we can no longer offer straight rentals on systems larger than 6 channels (Package A) without a Big Bear crew to operate the system.

Package A) $100.00 a day

6 channel system with up to 300w, two stand-mounted speakers, two monitor wedges (1 mix), four microphones & two direct (DI) boxes, stands and cables.

Package C) 250.00 per day (in addition to base hourly rate)*

24 channel full stereo sound board, 1000w per side stereo, JBL TR225 Mains, two additional monitor wedges (4 total). Up to 20 microphones and/or 8 direct boxes. Four (4) Monitor mixes

* Requires one (1) additional crew member

Package D) 300.00 per day (in addition to base hourly rate)*

24 channel full stereo sound board, 1000w per side stereo, JBL TR225 Mains, Mackie 1500 Active Subs (600w per side) , monitor wedges (4 total). Up to 20 microphones and/or 8 direct boxes. Four (4) Monitor mixes

* Requires one (1) additional crew member


Additional speakers and power amplifiers, including time delayed mid-field arrays, may be rented for varying rates, call or e-mail for quote.

Lighting system: $225.00 per day.
Small NSI Controlled programmable lighting system capable of lighting a stage area approx 16x16.

Amplifiers, drum kits, percussion and other back line equipment provided at additional charge. Call or e-mail for a quote.


Yamaha Stage Custom 5 Pierce Drum Kit
Latin Percussion Congas
Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Amp
Fender DeVille Guitar Amp
Fender Princeton Guitar Amp
SWR 160 Bass Head with Workingman 410T Cabinet
Korg T series Keyboards (76 & 88 wtd)
Peavey KB100 Keyboard Amp.

Crew Additions at $25.00 per additional crew member per hour.


Big Bear can provide systems for multiple stages.

Live Sound Recording Services

On location recording services provide the Artist with an opportunity to hear themselves in a show or festival environment. This gives the artist an idea as to what parts of a show or set needs to be worked on or improved. Also, many artists desire a "Live" track on a CD, or perhaps an entire live CD!


    RECORDING TO CASSETTE: Generally, a live recording to cassette is made every time Big Bear provides sound reinforcement services for a show. Additional cost to the performer is minimal, only the cost of tape is added to the normal charges for sound reinforcement. (See Sound Reinforcement Services)

    RECORDING TO DAT (DIGITAL AUDIO TAPE): Generally, this can be done as above, however, DAT tape is correspondingly more expensive. Sessions can be set up where the specific goal is to record to DAT. For these sessions the rate is $35.00 per hour with a six hour minimum. As with cassette, no remix is possible, and editing is limited. Tape cost is around $12.00 for a 60 minute tape.

    ON LOCATION MULTI-TRACK DIGITAL RECORDING: Bring the Studio to your location! A full 16 track digital recording set up is brought to wherever you desire. Each track (vocal, guitar, etc.) Is recorded on it's own individual track(s). This allows remix, addition of effects and re-equalization of the tracks, and provides the best basis for a "live" CD. The CD "A Celtic Festival 1996 Live At Oatlands" was recorded this way. It has been very well received, getting airplay in five countries and a 1997 WAMMIE nomination for "Best Celtic Album." Rates for on location, multi track recording start at $50.00 per hour. (Plus tape) AMPEX ADAT 42 minute tapes (formatted) are $15.00 each. One is required per eight tracks recorded. An average session would be about 8 hours including set up and sound check.

    Studio Sound Recording Services

    Big Bear Productions is a full digital studio located in downtown Falls Church, right across from City Hall on Little Falls Street. Offering full recording services, Big Bear can also coordinate fulfilling any requirement you have for your project, including hiring session musicians, producers, mastering, sequencing and duplication. (We also serve the best free coffee in town!)

  • Protools Release 7.4.2, Upgraded 7/08 Available on either on MAC (OS X.5 Leopard) or PC (Windows XP Pro)
  • 24 Tracks of ADAT digital multi track tape recording.
  • Up to 999 tracks on PC with Sampitude Professional version 9.1 software, allowing full edit, mastering and CD Creation.
  • Cakewalk Pro Audio Deluxe version 9
  • Sonar XL version 7
  • Microphones by AKG, Audio Technica, CAD Equitek, Sennheiser and Shure. Neumann & others available on a rental basis
  • Dual Korg 168RC full digital Mixing Boards with "lightpipe" fiber optic I/O and "snapshot" automation
  • Effects by Yamaha, Lexicon, Korg and DBX
  • TASCAM DA30MKII and Sony DAT Machines
  • Guitar Amplifiers by Fender - Twin Reverb, DeVille, Princeton
  • SWR 160 Bass amp with 410T cabinet
  • Korg T1 - 88 key (weighted) Keyboard/Synth
  • Korg T2 - 76 key Keyboard/Synth
  • Yamaha 5 piece Drum Kit
  • Latin Percussion Congas

    Studio Rate per hour: $50.00
    Block Rate (per 10 hours) $425.00 (May be used as (2) five hour sessions)

    Digital Editing rate per hour: $65.00
    Block Rate (per 10 hours) $550.00 (May be used as (2) five hour sessions)

    Mastering: $125.00 per hour.

    Recording Academy(NARAS) /Folk Alliance/SAW/WAMA members get a 10% discount on studio time, with membership card.

    e-mail for booking info and dates.

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